1.     Save the Commission – you may want to save the commission, but actually the buyer typically does!  Buyers believe that they are paying the commission, as it is part of the purchase price.  Prudent buyers always deduct the typical commission from a seller’s asking price prior to any negotiations.  My commission rate is 3.5%.  This includes the cooperating commission.  You are likely to save most, if not all, of the commission fee as a result of the extensive marketing I am able to do on your behalf.   Commission could be as low as 1.5%.  Ask me how!!

2.     Right Buyer Will Find the For Sale By Owner Property – you may lack the marketing ability that a brokerage has to reach the widest pool of motivated buyers.  Remember:  The greater the buyer pool, the greater the demand.  Competition for the seller’s house usually translates into a better price, which can more than offset commission.

3.     No Brokerage Needed – I can Negotiate Directly – Negotiations are difficult when buyer and seller confront one another directly.  The seller may inadvertently say things that turn the buyer off.  A skilled salesperson can avoid confrontation and better handle negotiations to a successful conclusion.  Ironically, sellers acting on their own behalf may sell the property for less than its true worth, just as in injured person may settle for less damages than if that individual had retained a lawyer.

4.     We’ll Try it for 30 Days – Most sellers set a time-line to sell the property themselves.  However, they may miss the right buyer because they don’t have the marketing reach of a brokerage.  The ideal buyer may have already seen the home and moved on.  The property will be increasingly difficult to move if first listed as a For Sale By Owner.

5.     Several Buyers Have Seen the Home – Sellers may be impressed by several showings right after the For Sale By Owner sign appears.  You may be experiencing browsers – not buyers.  The skill is in finding the right motivated buyer.  Potential buyers may only be using your home for comparison purposes and then moving on to other properties.  Often, they will compliment the seller’s home or express some interest, but really have no intention of buying it.  Often buyers have a sense of security working through professional real estate salespersons.  The Buyer has a coach.  Shouldn’t you?

6.     I Just Need a Lawn Sign – A lawn sign does attract some buyers to one property, but the power of a brokerage lies in attracting many buyers.  Buyers call in about one property, but then look at others.  More properties offered in a brokerage translates into more potential buyers.  This, in turn, creates more demand for the seller and the chance of getting a better price.

7.   Staging, Photography, Virtual Video  Is your home appropriately Staged?  There is a difference between staging and decorating.  Do you have a professional photographer and videographer to ensure your home shows well on-line? 

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